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Target Customer Profile
Our Target Customer Profile is designed to build a comprehensive analysis of your customers and distinguish commonalities.
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We standby the quality of our leads and prior to any partnership we generate 30 tailored leads based on your TargetCP.
Your dedicated sales support team consult with you through the lead generation and development process; iterating based on your direct feedback.
Onboard your Leadium sales team. Get leads. Get Sales.
We'd like to get to know you a little better before our consult :)
List each industry that you would like your target leads to be in.
What is your ideal customer's average annual revenue?
How big are the companies you are looking at?
Who are the decision makers that make up your customer base?
Target Titles
Target Departments
List specific titles that either DECIDE or INFLUENCE the decision to use your product/service...
Where do you target customers reside?
Understanding your current customers helps understand correlations & focus our research!
Is there any additional information that can assist us in finding your next customer?
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